Farm Attacks and Farm Murders

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One Farm Attack or One Farm Murder is One too many and should not be happening.

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Statistics are updated on a regular monthly basis. We rely on the recorded statistics and information from; Toekomsvonk, Afriforum and Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) as they are the most accurate and credible. Please be mindful that some attacks are not recorded because they are not reported to or / actioned by the police.

Statistics for 2018: From January 1st TO December, 31st.

  • Farm attacks in 2018 have escalated. The entire country is being targeted.

  • Farm Attacks - 460 - There were 1.3 farm attacks per day.

  • Farm murders - 64 with 1 farmer been murdered every 5.7 days. 

  • From 1994 to today there are conservatively more than 80,000 white South Africans murdered and there is an Icy SILENCE from the ruling African National Congress (ANC) Government and devoid of international condemnation WHY?

Kill Your Food Supply and You Kill Your Country. It's a FACT farmers are the lifeblood of a country...FARMERS FEED THE NATION.


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